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  • I just felt like sensations - and I got them. It's like an experiment.

    Andrey Mazurkov, commercial director of the arms supermarket "Streletc"from Yekaterinburg

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  • On the road even a good technique can misfire, if not completely adjusted to the owner.

    Anton Shipulin, Olympic Biathlon Champion, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, Olympic Champion of 2014from Yekaterinburg

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  • Though my car is quite powerful, I did install MS-Chip - so the pleasure of management became even more acute.

    Evgeny Garanichev, Russian biathlete, bronze medalist of the 2014 Winter Olympicsfrom Yekaterinburg

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  • To chase - I do not drive, but I like to polish off the intersection.

    Vasily Zorin, General Director of APM "Garnet", architectfrom Yekaterinburg

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  • Equal to the traffic lights I don't!

    Alexeyfrom Omsk

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  • Changes in the behavior of the machine are immediately felt. I recommend!

    Georgefrom Yekaterinburg

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  • I like to drive sometimes, and sometimes I want to lighten the traffic lights. With MS-Chip Speed ​​Boost and I got exactly what I wanted!

    Alexey Ershovfrom Yekaterinburg

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  • Oleg Victorovich


    Toyota. Land Cruiser 200

    When I put the block, I did not expect that the changes will be exactly that. The machine really stopped "braking", turbojams as did not happen. Now she is sensitive to the gas pedal. And the bonus in the form of reduced consumption is also pleased. In the city, consumption fell by 1.5 liters.

    11 March 2017
  • Ivan Vladimirovich


    Volkswagen. Golf

    Now the car "fires" as it should! For me, as an amateur to leave the traffic lights first, and have time to slip through the next one before it goes out, when all the others on it stop, it's very nice. Before that I thought why brakes people change, and now I understand that I will not be harmed either.

    6 March 2017
  • Vasiliy Sergeevich


    Mercedes. GL-Klasse

    The car went differently. No turbo, much faster going. And most importantly, there are no problems with the warranty.

    3 March 2017
  • Sergey Ivanovich


    Mitsubishi. Pajero

    The effect of chip tuning was noticed right away. The engine at the bottom was better picked up, and when overtaking there is always a supply of power. But very much I felt the difference when I sat down in the same Pajero comrade, but without the block. Immediately felt the turbojam and the car seemed to be heavier, he had a ton of floor.

    6 February 2017
  • Alexander Borisovich

    St. Petersburg

    Lexus. LX

    In the car did not suit the dynamics when overtaking on the track, over 100 km / h the car seemed to become excessively smooth when the pedal was depressed. After installing the unit, the car began to behave much more "fun". As if the trailer was unhooked. Now, when necessary, the engine works at full efficiency.

    4 February 2017
  • Nikolay Olegovich


    Mercedes. GL-Klasse

    Dispersal after a hundred is something. If in the sink after 130-140 the acceleration decreased, it felt that the motor withers, but now up to 200 pretx as abnormal (no longer tried it). The sensation does not fall at all. The main, for me, lack of a turbodiesel, I decided with MS-Chip!

    2 February 2017
  • Vyacheslav Evgenevich


    BMW. X1

    For a long time I wanted to change something in the car, the machine became boring - it became boring, I wanted to add horses, but not touching the iron. On the advice of friends drew attention to the blocks of MS-Chip. As a result, a significant increase in hp. and changes in dynamics for the better. From the bottom the machine began to pull better, the flow rate did not increase when driving at the same pace. In general, I am pleased, there is a feeling as if moved to another car.

    19 January 2017
  • Sergey Vasilevich


    Audi. A3

    Overclocking became noticeably faster. On the gear shift, the car picks up faster, but on the overdrive it pulls well. Before the installation, the acceleration was braking, and the pedal pressed on the floor - he wanted to go out and push again. Now the floor pedal has never been pressed to the floor.

    14 January 2017
  • Alexander Grigorevich


    BMW. X5

    There is not much power, I'm putting the block no longer on the first machine, the work of the block is happy, only the pluses!

    11 January 2017
  • Sergey Victorovich


    Lexus. LX

    A great device, I put on the second car. Absolutely different perception of the car!

    8 January 2017

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