MS-Chip for Lexus.

Solutions for increasing car dynamics Lexus.

MS-Chip / MS-Chip Sport


Increase power
and torque
engine to 40%


Lower fuel
consumption on average
on 15%

Speed boost


of the gas pedal

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Chip tuning Lexus. with the MS-Chip is a:


Safety for the engine,
doesn't interfere with the work of the 'Electronic Control Unit'

Connection through regular
car connectors

Safe increase in engine power Lexus. to 40%

The MS-Chip team is ready to offer you the best solution for the Lexsus tuning chip. Power-up blocks MS-Chip will reveal the true nature of your car and give you unforgettable emotions from driving.

Chip tuning Lexus: increase in engine power

I use reserve resources of the engine, the MS-Chip significantly improves the dynamics of the car at medium and low revs, increases the maximum engine power and torque. With the MS-Chip Sport block, the Lexus LX 450 engine receives an additional 63 hp. and 95 Nm of torque. At the same time, the module does not reduce the life of the motor; The standard protection systems are not affected in any way, and the engine operates within the limits of permissible loads.

Advantages of MS-Chip:

  • 3 year warranty on modules
  • Power increase up to 30%
  • Improving Acceleration Dynamics
  • Easy installation
  • Preserving the warranty on the car

At the moment we are installing the chip tuning blocks for the following models of the brand Lexus: GS, IS, LS, LX, RX, SC. If you did not find your car on this list, please contact us at  8 800 5000 227.

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The car has become much more dynamic to go, especially when overclocked. The consumption remained unchanged. I'm happy.

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