MS-Chip for Ford

Solutions for increasing car dynamics Ford

MS-Chip / MS-Chip Sport


Increase power
and torque
engine to 40%


Lower fuel
consumption on average
on 15%

Speed boost


of the gas pedal

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Focus II
Focus III
Focus RS
Focus ST
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Chip tuning Ford with the MS-Chip is a:


Safety for the engine,
doesn't interfere with the work of the 'Electronic Control Unit'

Connection through regular
car connectors

Safe increase in engine power Ford to 40%


Chip-tuning Ford engines

Ford is one of the largest car manufacturing companies in America and Europe. Henry Ford founded his company in the distant 1903 and was the first in the world to apply a conveyor method of assembling machines at his plants. This approach to production has become revolutionary and remains relevant to this day.

Owners of Ford choose chip-tuning MS-Chip

In our article we told readers about the problems of software limitation of engine capabilities by manufacturers, so we advise you to familiarize yourself with our material.

Most owners of Ford cars choose our products as a chip-tuning engine and this is a legitimate statistics, because MS-Chip is the most reliable and safe way to increase the car's power in the world market.

Advantages of MS-Chip:

- Increase the power and torque of the Ford engine to 40%

- Reducing fuel consumption by an average of 1 liter / 100 km

- Does not affect the factory engine control systems

- For its part, it ensures the safety of car components

- Does not affect the warranty period of car maintenance


At the moment we are installing the chip-tuning units for the following models of the brand Ford:  B-MAX, C-MAX, Ecosport, F150, Fiesta, Focus, Focus II, Focus III, Focus ST, Ford Ranger, Fusion, Galaxy, Grand C-Max, KA, Kuga, Mondeo, Ranger, S-Max, Sierra, Tourneo Connect, Tourneo Courier, Transit. If you did not find your car on this list, please contact us by phone  8 800 5000 227

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The car has become much more dynamic to go, especially when overclocked. The consumption remained unchanged. I'm happy.

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