How to buy

We offer several ways to purchase MS-Chip. Choose the one that suits you best.

Online Shopping Site

Choose MS-Chip for your car , add it to the cart, specify the method of payment and receipt of products.

Order by phone

Simply call us at 8 800 5000 227, our specialist will talk in detail about the product and place an order with delivery.

Buying in АвтоАудиоЦентре

Come to our center, where you can consult, buy and install MS-Chip on your car

Purchase from a dealer

You can refer to any of our dealers all over Russia for consultation and purchase of MS-Chip.

Frequently asked Questions

Can the chip unit cause damage to the car's engine?

No, he can not. On modern engines manufacturers lay a large margin of strength and power.

At what mileage do I use a chip box?

You can use the chip unit regardless of the mileage. Chip-block can be used from the first kilometer, but we advise to follow the manufacturer's recommended run-in period. The main thing is to maintain a technically sound condition of the car.

Is there a warranty for MS-Chip devices?

Yes, the warranty for all MS-Chip products is 3 years.

How is the chip unit installed?

The installation procedure is simple - everything is connected to the standard connectors. For more details on how to install MS-Chip blocks, please see our installation section.

Can I save fuel, given that the engine power has increased?

Of course, the savings will be in keeping the driving style. A car with a block needs less time to set speed for comfortable traffic in the flow.

Can I install the device without having special knowledge and skills?

Yes, the MS-Chip blocks are designed in such a way that they can be installed by reading the installation instructions and not possessing special tools and & nbsp; knowledge. In some individual cases, with a complex installation, you can always contact our customer support for the necessary advice.