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The company "AutoAudioCenter-Yekaterinburg" was founded on February 23, 1996 by Sergey Mishkin in the capital of the Urals, Yekaterinburg. Over the 20-year history of the company, we have gone through an intensive development path from sales and installation of audio and car security systems to a company with a wide range of services for children, tuning and equipping all types of cars with electronics. Today our company works at the federal level, places its high-tech production of chip tuning in Germany, has international contracts for the supply of tuning products from leading tuning studios in Europe and performs the most complicated tuning projects in Russia; in the format of children's uses only high-quality German autochemistry and ceramic compounds, serves more than 5,000 customers on satellite anti-theft complexes, more than 40,000 cars passed through the hands of our masters, the continuity of professional dynasties is characteristic for us.


The output of the updated MS-Chip Speed ​​Boost, now with the control function from the smartphone.


The launch of a new product, the corrector sound of the exhaust system - MS-Chip Power


The first certified serviling center for children in Russia has been opened to the highest international standards.

The leader of Russia 2015 by the criterion "Working capital" according to the national business rating.

The status of the exclusive representative of the German company ServFaces in Russia. The start of sales of ServFaces products in the automotive market of Russia.


The total number of the company's customers is fixed at 55 555!

Following the results of 2014, the brand MS CHIP confidently occupied 21% of the share of the Russian market in blocks of increasing engine power. The dealer network in Russia has more than 50 major dealers.


АутоАудиоЦентр at Belinskogo 112B in Yekaterinburg serves 500 vehicles per month. The number of complaints is not more than 2%.


АвтоАудиоЦентр is a personal sponsor of the member of the Russian national biathlon team Evgenia Garanicheva.

Service provider of satellite car security systems Cobra Connex in Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan. An office was opened in Kazan.

The contract with the German company Swiss Chiptech for the production of power amplification units. Confirmed the European quality in Russia. Start of sales in the Russian market of blocks of increase in capacity under the brand MS CHIP.


Solemn opening of the "Мишкиного моста" in the national nature park "Оленьи ручьи". Charitable project of the company.

Service provider of satellite car security systems Cobra Connex in Ufa and the Republic of Bashkortostan. The office in Ufa is opened.

The status of an official dealer of APR in the Urals, Ufa and the Republic of Bashkortostan, in Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan.

The status of the official distributor in Russia from the leading European tuning brands Brabus, Je Design, Startech, Hofele, Caractere, AC Schnitzer, Carlsson.


Technical re-equipment of the company. The transition to German sewing equipment for tailoring leather salons.

Status of the official distributor tuning atelier Lorinser in Russia. Sharing experience and visiting the tuning company BRABUS.


A new direction was opened - the restoration of retro cars. Presentation of the first implemented project Mercedes SL-190.

The first presentation hall of Project KAHN was opened in the Automobile Trade Center (ATC) in Moscow.


The status of the exclusive distributor of English tuning studio Projekt Kahn in Russia.

A new direction is opened - tuning of boats and yachts.

The company's branch was opened, the tuning center in Chelyabinsk, str. Bratyev Kashirinykh, 79.


АвтоАудиоЦентр is recognized as the leader in sales of satellite search engines Cobra Connex in Russia and CIS countries in 2006.

The status of the official importer of avionaudiochniki brand PIONEER in the Urals.


The school of installers of additional equipment was opened, the first graduates received the qualification.

Launch of the federal television project "Allo Garage" with the lead Anita Tsoy on the channel TNT (broadcast to 700 cities of Russia). For 6 months, 24 automobile projects were made.

The status of the service provider of satellite search engines Cobra Connex in Chelyabinsk and the Chelyabinsk region. An office is opened in Chelyabinsk.


АвтоАудиоЦентр is recognized as the best auto service company of the year in Ekaterinburg for the installation of additional equipment.

A branch and a tuning center in Perm were opened. The status of the service provider of satellite search engines Cobra Connex in Perm and the Perm Territory.


The final of Russia on Auto sound by the FSQ system. Regoinal competitions in the Ural-Siberian region (Perm, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk).

World recognition of the car "Show-car" VAZ-2114 at the international exhibition of automotive electronics "CAR + SOUND 2004" in Sinsheim (Germany). The car is completely designed and installed in the company "АвтоАудиоЦентр."


The status of the service provider of satellite search engines Cobra Connex in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region.


Organization and holding of the first in the Ural-Siberian region of professional competitions in AutoSound by FSQ system.


АвтоАудиоЦентр is recognized as the best auto service company of the year in Ekaterinburg for the installation of additional equipment.

The largest installation center in the Urals and a retail store in Yekaterinburg are located at the address: ul. Belinsky, 112 "B".


The leader of sales is the legendary brand URAL.

The wholesale direction of the company has been formed and is successfully operating.


Opening of the second automotive electronics store in the Oboronsnabsbyt market.


The company АвтоАудиоЦентр was founded. Opening of retail sales by automotive electronics. The first retail point of sales from the tray in the car market.

I'm convinced that today a person does not really pragmatic about their car. Mostly it is guided by the inner feelings and emotions experienced during driving. The car reflects the character of its owner, and, therefore, it is important to ensure maximum unity, understanding between the driver and the car. Simply put, a car and a person can really "speak the same language".
I can confidently say that the MS-Chip team is making a lot of efforts to get the car and its owner to come together in characters, become closer in spirit. > Believe me, the pleasure of life is much brighter with MS-Chip.

Mishkin Sergey Evgenievich

General Director of “АвтоАудиоЦентр”
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