MS-Chip for Skoda.

Solutions for increasing car dynamics Skoda.

MS-Chip / MS-Chip Sport


Increase power
and torque
engine to 40%


Lower fuel
consumption on average
on 15%

Speed boost


of the gas pedal

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Chip tuning Skoda. with the MS-Chip is a:


Safety for the engine,
doesn't interfere with the work of the 'Electronic Control Unit'

Connection through regular
car connectors

Safe increase in engine power Skoda. to 40%

Skoda is one of the most popular car brands in Russia and Europe. Reliable and comfortable cars Skoda have excellent speed characteristics and excellent appearance. Another plus of Skoda cars is that it is capable of more.

With the release of this brand of cars, manufacturers deliberately understate engine performance parameters for the sake of ecology. Chip tuning of the diesel engine Skoda allows to maximize the potential of the car, built in by engineers engineers.

Increasing the power of the Skoda engine

The blocks of the MS-Chip power increase are developed by the German company Swiss Chiptech. When creating programs , many engine parameters are taken into account , power is increased at high gears, the car dynamics at low and medium revs improves.

Chip tuning of Skoda

So, with the chip tuning from MS-Chip for the Skoda Octavia 1.4 TCI, the engine power increases from 122 hp. up to 166 hp, and the torque from 200 Nm to 271 Nm. At the same time, fuel consumption is reduced by an average of 10-15% due to faster and more soft gear changes.

At the moment we are installing the chip tuning units for the following Skoda models: Citigo, Fabia, Fabia I, Fabia II, Fabia RS, Octavia, Octavia I, Octavia II, Octavia RS, Rapid, Roomster, Superb, Yeti.


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The car has become much more dynamic to go, especially when overclocked. The consumption remained unchanged. I'm happy.

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