MS-Chip for Cadillac.

Solutions for increasing car dynamics Cadillac.

MS-Chip / MS-Chip Sport


Increase power
and torque
engine to 40%


Lower fuel
consumption on average
on 15%

Speed boost


of the gas pedal

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Chip tuning Cadillac. with the MS-Chip is a:


Safety for the engine,
doesn't interfere with the work of the 'Electronic Control Unit'

Connection through regular
car connectors

Safe increase in engine power Cadillac. to 40%

Cadillac luxury cars are good in everything, but even they can be done better with a chip-tuning MS-Chip. MS-Chip - these are the blocks for increasing the engine power produced in Germany, for diesel and any turbocharged engines. & nbsp; They correct the operation of the engine control unit and significantly increase the power and improve the dynamics of the car.


Increase engine power Cadillac

For example, with the power boost unit MS-Chip Sport, the power of the Cadillac BLS 1.9 TTID will increase from 180 to 225 hp, and the torque from 400 to 490 N m. At the same time, the MS-Chip block does not change the standard engine control program, does not change its protective programs and operates within the limits of the loads provided by design engineers.


Advantages of Chip Tuning Cadillac from MS-Chip:

  • Power increase up to 30%

  • 3 year warranty on modules

  • Improving Acceleration Dynamics

  • Easy installation

  • Preserving the warranty on the car

  • Test drive within 14 days

  • Reinstallation to another car

The car has become much more dynamic to go, especially when overclocked. The consumption remained unchanged. I'm happy.

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